July 21, 2009

Pickleball Friends Flock To Pickle

The original goal of the MI Pickleball blog was to start a lively conversation about PICKLEBALL Michigan Style, promoting and supporting the growth of Michigan Great Lakes Pickleball.

The shared Detroit and Windsor border, the shared blogger coaching from our pickleball friend Wayne Roswell (ON/FL), and the shared shear pleasure in the sport -- quickly included Ontario Picklers as active participants in the conversation.

Canadian snowbirds and Michigan snowbirds often meet when they flock to pickle in AZ and FL. Those of us wintering in the Mitten, are happy when our pickleball friends fly back home, sharing their dinKs, smASHES, and looooooooong rrrrrrrrr a l l i e s!!!

Michigan Senior Olympics (MSO) fostered an opportunity for international pickleball friendships to bask in the Northern SUMMER SUN. Snowbirds Donna and Morgan Robins (ON/AZ) traveled to compete in the MSO 2009 Summer Games with snowbird Doug Kant (MI/AZ).

MSO BRONZE - Mixed Doubles
Donna and Morgan Robins

MSO Mixed Doubles 50-54 - Photo From MX09 By Stan Wilson, Jr

MSO GOLD - Men's Doubles
Morgan Robins and Doug Kant
MSO Men's Doubles 65-69 - Photo From MD09 By Stan Wilson, Jr
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