July 2, 2009

A "Pickleball Goodies" Good Report!

Passing along A "Pickleball Goodies" Good Report from the Clinton Township Picklers, a report that is vibrating at facilities across SE Michigan -- including Auburn Hills Community Center, Macomb Township Recreation Center, and Rochester's OPC!!!
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Dear Dick,

Wanda Vasko, the person in charge of Sports and Fitness at the Clinton Township Senior Center, has asked me to pass on to you, and all of the Pickleball people, how impressed she, and we at the Clinton Township Senior Center, are with Tom Valentine's representation of, and dedication to, the game of Pickleball and it's enjoyment.

We invited Tom to our Gym to show us his "Pickleball Goodies" a couple of weeks ago, and he came over with numerous paddles from which to choose. He allowed us to "test drive" the various paddles to see which fit our needs best. His prices were also very reasonable. Tom then donated some indoor Pickleballs to the Center where, until then, we were using the outdoor version that came with the Pickleball set. He then joined us in some fun and spirited games of Pickleball.

Thank you for passing on Tom's name to us, and, of course, thanks to Tom for his help in advancing our enjoyment of the game.

Don Kolke

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