August 2, 2009

Experience the PoP in the Park!!!

RARA Greater Rochester Pickleball Fest

!!! Experience the PoP !!!
!!! Experience Fresh, Michigan Grown Pickleball !!!

  • PICKLEBALL in the Park
  • ALL Ages and ALL Skill Levels
  • Mixed Generation Celebration
  • $5. USAPA Member Discount
  • August 26 - August 30, 2009
  • Rochester Municipal Park Courts
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MI Pickleball is experiencing pOpPing growth in the number, type and quality of Pickleball offerings! Michigan's USA Pickleball Association Membership numbers are growing too!
  • Current USAPA Members 1624
  • Current USAPA Members Great Lakes Region 325
  • Current USAPA Members Great Lakes Region - Michigan 224
You are invited to belong to the largest Pickleball Community in the world! Support Your Sport! Get your cool PICKLEBALL Member t-shirt and your $5 USAPA Member discount on the RARA Greater Rochester Pickleball Fest! Join USA Pickleball Association! Experience the PoP!!!