August 19, 2009

Farm Fresh Michigan Pickleball

Farm Fresh Michigan Pickleball

Downtown Rochester Farmers' Market

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stop by the Pickleball mini-demonstration
and check out the Bountiful Harvest of Pickleball Activities!

RARA Greater Rochester Pickleball Fest

  • Downtown Rochester Municipal Park Tennis Courts
  • August 26 - August 30
  • Free Pickleball Clinic, Wednesday, August 26 at 9:00am
  • Recreational Speed Pickleball
  • Competitive Tournament

Rochester Community Schools Enrichment Programs

  • Intramural Pickleball Program at Hart Middle School

Rochester Community Schools Enrichment Programs

  • Family Pickleball at Adams High School
  • Saturday Afternoons 2:00pm -4:30pm
  • Free Pickleball Clinic, Saturday, September 12 at 2:00pm

Rochester Older Persons' Commission

  • Walk-in Pickleball
  • Pickleball Ladder Leagues
  • Free Beginner's Pickleball Lessons, Wednesdays at 9:30am
  • Free Beginner's Pickleball Lessons, Saturdays at 8:00am