August 21, 2009

Idaho Pickleball! The New Blog on the Block!

Papa Razz and I would rather read books than watch TV. However, there was a season (when our children were small) that we watched one show on a regular basis, Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. I grew to have deep respect for Fred Rogers. The wisdom he shared during his cheerful neighborhood visits helped me to be a better parent. I learned as much as my children did from Mr. Rogers' songs, stories, and adventures. My son Thor and I especially liked the tours Mr. Rogers' would take us on, showing us how things were made and teaching us how to do things.

Mr. Rogers' made the world a little smaller and a whole lot more friendly. Pickleball does that too! (I don't want to risk getting too sappy here. Next week is tourney time. I'm competing in the Greater Rochester Pickleball Fest WD and MXG. I have to maintain my competitive edge...The first indication I had that players actually read this blog was when I disclosed in a posting that I don't have a backhand. My opponents read the blog and during the tourney...well it was ugly!)

Pickleball blogs encourage community...start lively conversations....spotlight shared events and accomplishments. There is a new blog on the block: Idaho Pickleball, hosted by USAPA Ambassador Jan Johnson. If you go to the site the first thing you will notice is a wonderful OUTDOOR group photo of our Idaho Pickleball neighbors.

Idaho Pickleball
"Adventures in Living"! Adventures in Pickleball!

"It's a beautiful day in the PICKLEBALL neighborhood!"

Enjoy Mr. Rogers' timeless wisdom and songs here: