August 22, 2009

MI Pickleball Healthy Bushels of Family FUN!!!

Farm Fresh Michigan Pickleball
!!! Healthy Bushels of Family FUN !!!

I grew up waking up early -- very early -- on Summer Saturdays to shop Detroit's Eastern Market with my dad. I loved the hustle bustle of the crowds and the baker shouting in his thick accent: "The besta bread in the world!" And it was! O then coming home with bushels of farm fresh Michigan fruit and veggies! My favorite was the $1. bushel of cantaloupe, the WHOLE bushel only cost one dollar! Sounds healthy, right!?! Well, my folks would cut the cantaloupe in half, clean out the seeds, add a heaping scoop of rich vanilla ice cream, and send their entire brood along with the neighborhood kids outside to the porch steps with cantaloupe bowls of ice cream. YUMMERS! (Sibs, did any of you actually eat the cantaloupe?!?)

Now, I'm a 'seasoned citizen' and I still wake up early -- very early -- on Summer Saturdays to shop the market. But first I enjoy a healthy hour of Farm Fresh Michigan Pickleball. I still buy a loaf of "the besta bread in the world!" But now it's healthy whole grain! I still come home with fresh fruit and veggies. But now its pecks rather than bushels. My favorite is still the cantaloupe and I still add a scoop of rich vanilla ice cream. But now I eat the healthy cantaloupe too.

Downtown Rochester Farmers' Market was the perfect venue to spotlight healthy Farm Fresh Michigan Pickleball. All pleasure, today, seeing men, women, boys and girls picking up a paddle and experiencing the Pickleball PoP for the first time!


Free Beginner Clinic

Wednesday, August 26 at 9:00am
Downtown Rochester Municipal Park Tennis Courts
Saturday, September 12 at 2:00pm
Rochester Adams High School
  • No registration needed
  • Wear court shoes

This lovely mother and energetic son were enjoying Farm Fresh Michigan PICKLEBALL, while the father tended to the infant son. I admire this young family for their devotion to their children. This devotion and family centered lifestyle is a large part of what gives the Rochester Pickleball its PoP! Pickleball is a wholesome family activity that promotes good health and good family relationships. Play Pickleball...on the driveway, in the park, or at the gym..."just for the FUN of it!"

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I also admired this young couples stroller, a Stokke that advertises "highter is better' with the photo copied below. Once these two young athletes are up and walking, they will be ready to cross train with a competitive game of driveway PICKLEBALL!
PoP! POp!