August 13, 2009

NO MERCY Pickleball!

***Auburn Hills OUTDOOR Pickleball. Wednesday. 8/12/09. The competition is HOT! Four Picklers are in the thick of the game! Ed clearly states: "NO MERCY!"

I grew up in a family of brainiacs*. I remember my sibs challenging me to "NO MERCY" games of Parcheesi. Is this expression unique to Westsiders? Or Metro Detroiters?!?

One way or the other -- it has certainly found it way to Michigan pickleball courts..."just for the BRUTAL FUN of it!"

***OPC Rochester Pickleball. Thursday. 8/13/09. Don and Jean take out Jane and me. Don and Jane take out Jean and me. Hans and Ken take out Singing Pickleball Pete and me. (Do you see a running theme here!?!) Last game of the night, the revenge rematch. Hans and Ken VS Singing Pickleball Pete and me. "NO MERCY!"

The secret to my "NO MERCY" Pickleball game is to gear it down a notch - just enough to keep the ball in play AND in bounds. Then comes the difficult part -- I need to STOP TALKING :O !

What's the secret to your "NO MERCY" Pickleball game?!?

*My sibs are still brainiacs, each with their very own brand of exceptional intellectual ability and originality. I'm sooooooooooo lucky to have them for my friends! I got my mom's unyielding sense of generosity and my dad's tenacity, but I consider my sibs the best gift my parents ever gave me!!!!! Thanks guys! xox

***Auburn Hills OUTDOOR Pickleball. Sunday. 8/16/2009. Tested out my "STOP TALKING STRATEGY". Won all 7 games! Maybe it was just my lucky day.... OR I'm on to something :) ...

***OPC Rochester Pickleball. Monday. 8/17/2009. Today I talked more. Lost more points. Hit more balls out of bounds. And had MUCH more FUN! I stuffed my "STOP TALKING STRATEGY" to the bottom of my polka-dot gym bag. It's there. If you are on the same side of the net as me and you really want to win - cue me: "NO MERCY". Meanwhile I'm back to playing..."just for the FUN of it!"

***OPC Rochester Open Gym. Patti D. and I are playing Early Bird Pickleball Tuesday 8/18/2009 at 7:30am-9:00am in the OPC Gym. All OPC Picklers are welcome to join us.