August 3, 2009

Rose-colored Jar of Sweet Pickleball!

The Early Bird gets the PoP!

If my sweet pickleball came in a rose-colored jar, I would play Early Bird-OUTDOOR-similar skill level-doubles-pickleball games every morning. The closest I can come to making that happen at this stage of the game is to poll for partners/interest.

Please email Janet Razz at , if you are interested in:

  • Indoor OPC Open Gym* Early Bird Pick-up Pickleball Games
  • Tuesday Mornings 7:00am-9:00am

Please email Janet Razz at , if you are interested in:

  • OUTDOOR Early Bird Pick-up Pickleball Games
  • Location TBD?!? Troy's Baker or Smith Middle Schools?!? Auburn Hills Community Center Tennis Courts?!?
  • Thursday Mornings 7:00am-9:00am

Tomorrow, Patti D. and I plan to meet at the OPC at 7:30am to practice singles. We did this once before. It was a great cardio-pulmonary workout! It was a great way to start the day!

*Full Disclosure Statements:

  • OPC Membership is required to play the OPC Gym.
  • OPC Open Gym time is, basically, first come-first serve. Sooooooooo we might rush the morning lull only to find that basketball players are already shooting on the courts. Not likely -- but possible.
  • I haven't confirmed availability of Baker, Smith, or Auburn Hills. If there's not open restrooms -- well, it's a no go :O !