August 17, 2009

Traverse City Pickleball Dedicated OUTDOOR Courts!

New Grace MacDonald Park Pickleball Courts Ribbon Cutting

Traverse City is growing Michigan cherries and Michigan PICKLEBALL! Enjoy every sweet word of the Grand Traverse Herald report, detailing the FANTASTIC collaborative effort resulting in the Grand Opening of pickleball dedicated OUTDOOR courts in East Bay Township!

Pickleball players celebrate court opening
By Carol South
Special to the Record-Eagle
August 17, 2009

Grand Traverse Herald TRAVERSE CITY -- One of the fastest growing sports in the country has a home in East Bay Township.

Grace MacDonald Park celebrated the opening of three pickleball courts Sunday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony as well as exhibition games by some of the area's hottest players. The courts are the first dedicated ones in the region that are both public and free.

Not to mention top-notch, say players who have been around.
"The courts installed there honestly are about the best courts in the state of Michigan," said avid player Tayna Berg. Enthusiasts of the paddle sport can now enjoy a paved, netted and lined facility adjoining the park's two tennis courts....

"Pickleball players banded together to raise money and create three courts at Grace MacDonald Park in East Bay Township. Getting some playing time are Ryan Haworth, 14, right foreground, and Dave Paulson and Tanya Berg." Carol South / Special to the Record-Eagle

Grace MacDonald Park Grand Opening Exhibition Game