August 17, 2009

What's Speed Pickleball?!?

What's Speed Pickleball?!?
Are Michiganders just making this stuff up!?!

!!! YES !!!

Greater Rochester PICKLEBALL Fest

Rochester Municipal Park
August 26-30, 2009

!!! Five Days of OUTDOOR MI Pickleball !!!

Made in Michigan Recreational Divisions
USAPA Sanctioned Tier 4 Competitive Divisions

Traditional Competitive Divisions for Youth and Adults:
  • MX - Mixed Doubles
  • MD - Men's Doubles
  • WD - Women's Doubles
  • MS - Men's Singles
  • WS - Women's Singles

Made in Michigan Recreational Divisions:

  • RSP - Recreational Speed Pickleball
  • MXG - Mixed Generation Pickleball

Tournament Information

Youth Tournament Registration Form

Adult Tournament Registration Form

Recreational Speed Pickleball (RSP) is a take-off from ever popular "Speed Dating". Pat Sullivan, Dick Manasseri, Bruce Castle, and I were in Elaine Torvinen's office setting pickleball tournament brackets. Elaine took a momentary aside to work on an upcoming Troy Senior Services "Speed Dating" program. The light bulbs started flashing and a fair amount of laughter accompanied the birth of the idea: "Speed Pickleball"!

The ball doesn't go any faster in Speed Pickleball and you don't (necessarily) end up with the phone numbers of new potentials. Think pickleball by the buzzer! Think a plethora of social interaction with variety of partners! Think round robin with a partner mix each time the buzzer sounds! Think maximized court time, maximized fitness benefits and maximized FUN!

Recreational Speed Pickleball was first implemented after the OPC Best Practice Safe Warm-up Clinic (12/15/2008). Over 60 players, of ALL skill levels, pre-registered for the Clinic. I didn't know how many players would stay for the afterglow pickleball games, but I knew I needed to be prepared for some serious FUN. This was the perfect opportunity for Speed Pickleball to make a successful debut.

The Speed Pickleball formula varies dependant on the number of courts, the number of players, and the amount of time available. The math geeks out there will enjoy reading Dick Manasseri's original exposition on Speed Pickleball created for the OPC Best Practice Safe Warm-up Clinic. OPC had 3 courts at the time and two hours reserved for Speed Pickleball. Talk about brainiacs! Pickleball is sure lucky to have Dick - in the game and on the USAPA Board!

***Original Exposition of Speed Pickleball***

By Dick Manasseri 12/13/2008

Goal to have everyone there play at least four times in 2 hours for a total of at least 60 minutes.

  • 3 Courts X 4 Players X 4 timeslot per hour X 2 hours = 96 oncourt player spots.
  • 12 players would each have 8 oncourt player spots (96/12 = 8)
  • 24 players would each have 4 oncourt players spots(96/24=4)

If we have 36 players, we could reduce the time per spot to 10 minutes creating 6 timeslot per hour:

  • 3 4 X 6X 2 = 144 oncourt player spots
  • 36 players would each have 4 oncourt player spots of 10 minutes each (144/36 = 4)


Did you get that!?!

Here's the English version:

Players + Pickleball Paddles + Pickleballs + Courts = FUN!

Mix-up the Players every so many minutes and you have

Michigan Style Recreational Speed Pickleball!

PICKLEBALL! FUN! Friends! Fitness!