September 30, 2009

Michigan Pickleball By Dick Manasseri

USAPA Michigan Ambassadors,

Congratulations to all of your for the amazing results that you continue to produce. The number of Places to Play has grown dramatically this year. You have partnered with Rec Center professionals and Senior coordinators to bring the game to hundreds of new players.

Michigan has skyrocketed to the #3 spot in terms of USAPA Membership just behind AZ and FL and, in the process, pushed the Great Lakes Region into the #1 spot ahead of the Atlantic South and Southwest Regions.

Due to growing demand for new programs and extensions to existing programs, we are continuing to add new Ambassadors including

Jim Perrine in Canton

Ilene and Dennis MacDonald in Lexington

Tom Valentine has been appointed to the position of Ambassador-at-Large for Michigan. As Tom travels around the state, he will be looking for opportunities to start new programs and he will be coordinating his efforts with you. We would like to encourage those of you from the same part of the state to band together to plan and support a series of events, e.g. USAPA Showcase Tournaments or Ladder Leagues. In his travels, Tom may be able to help you coordinate your efforts with nearby Ambassadors to form these kinds of teams.

Tom also serves the Pickleball community by representing the four major manufacturers of Pickleball paddles via his company, Pickleball Goodies. Players get to try before they buy, without going online to place an order. For many players, this friendly convenience has been a major step to their continued enjoyment of the game.

We do have a fine team here in Michigan. Your leadership is enabling hundreds of players to smile as they happily become addicted to the game that improves their health and their overall well being.