September 24, 2009

Pickleball in Bloomfield Township

Pickleball in Bloomfield Township

Pickleball in Bloomfield Twp has three locations.

The new Bloomfield Township Senior Services Center has one indoor court used for instruction and non-organized walk-in play. The instructional format is for players new to Pickleball who wish to have a working knowledge of rules and play patterns before they enter any of the local drop-in centers to play. Please contact Jim Luzod (248-855-2676) to schedule instruction or the Bloomfield Senior Service Center, 248-723-3500 for availability of the indoor court. Instructional fee is $5 and use of the court for open play is $3 per person.

Beginning Tuesday October 13th through early spring! The location for drop-in play will be located at the Bloomfield Andover High School Fieldhouse on Andover Rd in Bloomfield, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 10:15 AM to Noon. The address is 4700 Andover Rd. No signup is required to play at this location. The fee for drop-in play at Andover High School is $3 per person. Instruction will be available when possible.

Beginning Wednesday October 14th! Organized Ladder competition is offered on Wednesday mornings at the Andover High School site, 10:14 AM to Noon. Prior signup and a $35 fee is required for a seven week period. Intermediate and advanced skilled players are still needed. Contact Nancy Robertson, 248-229-9047 for details.

Designated Pickleball Parking Area at Andover High School:
Players attending either of these programs would enter at the parking lot gate (it is marked as an exit) with the small security building, turn right and park facing the curb bordering the east side of the parking lot. This is the designated area for players attending Pickleball play at Andover High School.

Official Pickleball boundary lines have been added to two tennis courts at Bloomfield Hills Middle School and East Hills Middle School. These courts are open to the public at no cost. Pickleball classes will be offered at these sites in the future under the direction of the Bloomfield Hills Parks and Recreation Department.

The USA Pickleball Association has contributed resources and volunteers to support the new Bloomfield programs. Please contact Jim Luzod, 248-855-2676, if there is additional information you need.