September 3, 2009

USAPA Pickleball Partner Search & Rating Descriptions

USAPA Pickleball Partner Search is a registry of players that are looking for partners for one or more upcoming tournaments.

The USAPA Partner Search page is the "go to" place for Picklers to find tournament partners. Read how one woman is using the USAPA Partner Search and putting her USAPA Ranking Points to good use.

"Arizona Nationals looking for 4.5 male I have been playing against 4.5 & 4.0 in tournaments this year and currently have 2300 ranking points."

The most recent Great Lakes Region USAPA Member, Pete Pleban (MN), writes: "Pre-req., Agile: according to Webster, quick and well coordinated, active, lively, mentally acute or aware and according to me : Work hard, Play hard, Have Fun. Ciao."

Pete's good natured sense of humor is inviting. I'm the same age as Pete. I'm certainly agile. I meet the prerequisites, both according to Webster and according to Pete. But the USAPA Pickleball Partner Search form wisely includes a box to mark your skill level. Pete is a 4.0! I self-identify at the 3.0 skill level...and I worked hard, played hard, and had FUN getting to this level!

Thankfully USAPA places a high value on the recreational as well as the competitive Picklers!