October 9, 2009

7 Skills Drills on 7 Courts!!!!!!!

MI Pickleball Players raise their Paddles
in appreciation to SW Michigan Pickleball Promoters

Melissa MuhaUSAPA Ambassador
Kalamazoo Round Robin Doubles Tournament Director!

Bob Northrop
USAPA Ambassador
Where2Pickle Webmaster and Go to Guy!

Dan Celemence
USAPA Member
Kalamazoo Round Robin Doubles Lead Referee!

These Kalamazoo and Portage Pickleball Promoters
together with their faithful Krew of Volunteers
kollaborated to kreate

7 Skills Drills on 7 Courts

Enjoy the PoP! POp! Pop! PoP! POP! POp! PoP!

7 Skills Drills on 7 Courts
Kalamazoo Round Robin Pickleball Tournament
October 2 and 3, 2009