October 20, 2009

Happy Place Pickleball! Amen and Thank You!

Dick, coined the expression "brutal fun" to describe the advanced ladder competitions. I never want to go there. I like my Happy Place Pickleball.

But for me, the fall ladder season has been just plain BRUTAL. I still can't get my "yip-yip" serve in the box.

Do you have any idea how focused I have to play to score when I can't get my "yip-yip" serve in the box?!? I wasn't this focused when I birthed my children!

My friends are laughing at me (of all people) taking POINTS so seriously...wondering out loud what happened to ..."just for the FUN of it!" They even shamed me a little at the thought of what my Happy Place Picklers would think if they saw me in this seriously competitive state of grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

Then Nancy, the Ladder Manager, posts the night's standings. The RANKINGS shuffle and I factor in just ever so slightly above one of our "Best of the Best".

Ummmmmmm. This player has so many GOLD metals -- I don't think he would mind me saying: Now THAT IS FUN! Ridicules! Short lived! A little sick! But definitely FUN!

At least it made me smile...or is it more of a smirk. Maybe I won't turn in my paddle for knitting needles just yet...and maybe there are more ways to define a ladder win than just scoring a 45.

Yikes! I've made the leap from being a well behaved rulefollowing middle aged lady to being a competitive gym rat jockette complete with a little friendly pb trash talk.

Papa Razz, together with our pastor and neighbors, might need to organize a serious Pickleball Intervention if I don't

  • a.) get back the lovely ease of my chi pickleball serve OR
  • b.) quickly leap back into my recreational Happy Place Pickleball mindset

For consolation, I found myself reading the sports pages and muttering "pro athlete so-and-so makes the mega buckos and he is in a slump..."

Sitting on the couch next to me, Papa Razz, tenderly with that flashy smile of his, gave the last word on the topic of my "yip-yip" serve: "Your life is pretty good if all you have to worry about is your pickleball serve."

Not a lot I can say about that shot, but Amen and Thank You!