October 30, 2009

Muskegon Pickleball Update by USAPA Ambassador Wayne LaPointe

Muskegon Pickleball Update
by USAPA Ambassador Wayne LaPointe



An update to tell you that the Muskegon area is starting to have some consistency with Pickleball.

Spring Lake, the Norton Pines Athletic Club, which is located between Muskegon and Spring Lake, has now scheduled (and is expanding) Pickleball court times. Specifically, walk-in PickleBall court time is on Tuesday and Thursday from 1 to 3 pm (at a cost for non-members of $4.00 per session). They like to have you tell them ahead, if possible, because they tape the number of courts needed each time. As of this Saturday, October 31st, 2009, they are also offering Pickleball on Saturdays from Noon to 2 pm on a trial basis.

Note: Norton Pines Athletic Club is also open to having Pickleball tournaments and are willing to have as many as 12 courts available.

Norton Pines Athletic Club Contact:
Sean McQuillan USPTA, PTR
Director of Tennis

Norton Pines Athletic Club
1350 Judson Road
Spring Lake, Mi 49456

Also in Muskegon, Omni Fitness Club has always also been open to Pickleball, but are limited to one court, thus a regular schedule hasn't been realistic.

Tanglewood Agewell Services has a good Pickleball following, and the two outside courts were utilized. There is an indoor court, but times vary depending on other programs offered. Also, the court is condensed into a 38 foot room, which makes for great camaraderie and limited movement, but does severely alter some aspects of the game.

One other tidbit:
In our attempt to expand Tanglewood's Pickleball year round:
Tom Hornik is a devout Pickleball player who played outside at Tanglewood Agewell Services with us this summer, as well as inviting us to play at Omni Fitness Club where his daughter is the owner. Tom, Marna of Tanglewood, and I have been trying to find a large enough common spot where we can work together to offer Pickleball.

We have many outdoor tennis courts in the Muskegon area, and now that I have discovered that I can purchase portable lines, next summer should open up other possibilities!!!

------------------------------ GO Muskegon Picklers!!!