October 26, 2009

Pickleball Etiquette aka Drool Control

When Janet drives the children sit.

They buckle up and that is it.

A little limerick I made up years ago as a car pool mom, before the days of all the seatbeat laws. Gives you an in to my deeply rooted (slightly neurotic) safety mined approach to life and the like.

You won't see me playing beyond my body's limits. You will see me let a point go in favor of my knees. Knowing that an injury can be a mega set back to any fitness routine, I preach and prioritize safe play.

So it was certainly my bad last night, when a full swing paddle barely missed hitting me in the face. WHY!?! I failed to follow Pickleball Etiquette. Without thinking, or LOOKING, or calling "BALL ON THE COURT!" I went to retrieve a ball from the next court while the point was being played on that court. SWISH! A not so gentle reminder...

Call it Pickleball Etiquette. Call it Good Sports Conduct. Call it Simple Courtesy. Call it Safe Sports Practices. Call it Drool Control. But do NOT do what I did.

Space is tight on some of our Michigan indoor courts.

Pickleball is played beyond the back lines.

  • Do NOT walk on other courts to retrieve a ball while a point is being played on that court.
  • Do NOT walk behind other courts while the ball is still in play.

CAUTION: Sports Brainfreeze can make it hard to follow these simple court courtesies. Protect your partners call "BALL ON THE COURT!" and/or "PERSON ON THE COURT!"