November 15, 2009

Laura Patterson's Pickleball Adventures - MI to NC

The usual pickleballmania flight pattern: SnowPicklers fly home from the Southwest or Atlantic South teaching and talking PICKLEBALL to players in the Great Lakes Region!

Here's an Atlantic South update about a former Michiganian that reversed the flight pattern. Laura Patterson was introduced to PICKLEBALL in the Midland Michigan area and is now serving as a USAPA Ambassador in North Carolina. Go Laura!

Laura Patterson, USAPA Ambassador (NC) -- MSO 2009

Laura Patterson, former Michiganian, is now serving as USAPA Ambassador in Winston-Salem, NC. Laura has been busy contacting local YMCA's in the Winston-Salem vicinity and in just a few short months has been successful at getting the opportunity to talk about and demonstrate this "new sport" to her area. On November 11th, Laura had the opportunity to set up a modified court and introduce the game to school children, senior citizens, families and the YMCA director and staff.

See photos of Laura and read more about her YMCA experience on the Atlantic South Region site here: