November 10, 2009

USAPA National Tournament Impressions by Yvonne Hackenberg

Hello Janet,

Thank you for the nice e-mail. We had such a rich experience in Arizona. Aren't pickleball players the best! This sport has afforded us so many great moments and introduced us to so many wonderful people. It's the same wherever we go.

In terms of the USAPA National Tournament are a few impressions:
  • The Arizona soft game is alive and well in doubles. The third shot is often a drop shot into the kitchen. After that shot there is much "dinking around" until someone tragically dinks too high. Once they remove the ball from their groin, the cycle is repeated.
  • The players don't try to do anything spectacular with the serve. Just deep (and sometimes high) to the backhand.
  • It is very hot and dry in Arizona. There was very little time to recover between matches. Michiganians should find a 20 X 44 sauna to practice in before heading to Arizona.
  • The vast majority of players display excellent sportsmanship.
  • Pickleball is enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.

I hope this persuades others to participate next year.

Thanks again for your support and encouragement. Also thanks to Marilyn Holladay, Pat Sullivan, Dick Manasseri, Dan & Joyce and the other Michiganians who rooted us on.

Yvonne Hackenberg
Action Gear, Inc.

Martha Wasserman (AZ/Michiganian for 50 Years)
USAPA Nationals GOLD Medalist

Dick Mannasseri (Rochester Hills, MI)
USAPA Director National and International Relations

Yvonne Hackenberg (Kalamazoo, MI)
USAPA Nationals SILVER Medalist

Martha and Yvonne carried the Michigan flag on the Nationals Winners Podium. Click here to see the photo: