November 15, 2009

USAPA Nationals Vendor Tent

Dick Manasseri writes:

Thanks to Coach Mo and Ken Allbert, Administrator of the Michigan Pickleball Paddle logo was displayed at USAPA Nationals.
It was very cool to see the Michigan Great Lakes Pickleball Paddle there in the vendors tent where players met people like:

  • David McCallum - Son of Barney McCallum, One of the Pickleball Creators
  • Mary Littlewood - Pickleball Author
  • Steve Wong - Founder of S-Type Paddles, Medal Winner
  • Bunny Duey - USAPA Historian
  • Nancy and David Jordan - Keepers of the USAPA Membership Table

Congratulations to Ken, for his medal winning performance at Michigan's Auburn Hills Community Center Turkey Tourney!

- Dick

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