November 1, 2009

USAPA Pickleball Tournament Calendar, Software, and Sanctioning

The USAPA website is rich with content on how-to host a Pickleball tournament and how-to apply for USAPA sanctioning. Reading the USAPA guides is a time investment that pays off in high player satisfaction with a well run tournament. Here are the USAPA website sidebar titles to look for and the direct links.

  1. Run a Tournament

  2. Tournament Software

  3. Sanctioning

  4. Rankings

  5. Official Rules and Scoresheet

  6. Training Room Referee Guide and Referee Clinic

  7. Partner Search

It is important to note that USA Pickleball Association desires to list ALL Pickleball tournaments on the USAPA Upcoming Events Calendar - sanctioned and unsanctioned, competitive and recreational.

"A USAPA-sanctioned tournament allows players to be ranked on a national basis. Non-sanctioned tournaments may also use these sections as guidelines. Tournament directors for non-sanctioned tournaments may be flexible in the use of these guidelines to better fit the skills, ages, and diversity of their players. The USAPA enthusiastically encourages these non-sanctioned tournaments to promote knowledge, growth of the game, skill development, and having fun while playing pickleball. Tournaments may be sanctioned for the ranked events that they include even though a tournament director may also choose to include recreational or unranked events."