December 10, 2009

MSO Winter 2010 Pickleball Announcements

Registration Deadline: Monday, December 14, 2009

MSO Membership Fee: There has been a lot of confusion as to whether or not you have to pay the $25 MSO membership fee. The answer is yes. The MSO membership fee is good for the calendar year, thus all athletes will be required to pay if participating in the MSO games in January.

Schedule of Pickleball Events:

  • Monday, January 25
    Mixed Doubles @ OPC
    Times will begin at 7:30 for check in, games beginning at 8:00*
  • Tuesday, January 26
    Women & Men’s Singles @ OPC
    Times will begin at 7:30 for check in, games beginning at 8:00
    More specific times will be noted after the final registrations
  • Wednesday, January 27
    Men’s & Women’s Doubles @ Auburn Hills & OPC split by age groups
    Times will begin at 7:30 for check in, games beginning at 8:00*

*More specific information will be given after the final registrations

1) Pickleball Skills Drills by USAPA Ambassadors Melissa Muha and Bob Northrop at OPC. December 11 at 1pm-4pm. Registration is Closed

2) Pickleball Skills Clinic by Lewis Forrest at Auburn Hills Community Center. January 9 at 9am-3pm. $15.00 for Residents. $20.00 for Non-Residents.

3) Referee Training at OPC. January 14 at 1-4pm. Open to all players whether or not you want to referee. It's a great way to learn the rules and prepare for tournament play. There is a sign-up sheet located in the OPC gymnasium on the bulletin board if you are interested in participating.

Partner Search:
MSO will not accept applications without partners. Thus, there is not a master list of athletes who are looking for a partner.

Here are your options:

1) If you signed up for the Pickleball Skills Drills at OPC, December 11, there will be partner search opportunities available for you.

2) USAPA provides a place on their website for you to search for a partner:

3) The link below is the list of players from the MSO summer games in July that you may find helpful: