January 28, 2010

Vicariously Enjoying the MSO Pickleball Games Via Your Captured Memories

Early 80's, at the Razz home, instead of leaving a token coin, the Tooth Fairy brought little toys -- strawberry shortcake figurines for my daughter and matchbox cars for my sons. One winter, the Tooth Fairy (running a little late on her deliveries) found a very precious note. She was so tickled by my daughter's ingenuity -- she broke fairy code and shared the note with me.

"Dear Tooth Fairy, I've been patient long enough. Please bring my strawberry shortcake doll soon. My tooth is still under my pillow on xxx street in Sterling Heights. PS Mom, I love you!"

I'm sure my daughter won't mind if I piggy-back on her note...

"Dear Players, I've been patient long enough. Please email your pictures, stories, and impressions of the MSO Winter 2010 Pickleball Games for posting on MI Pickleball soon. My email address is mipickleball@gmail.com . PS Picklers, I love you!"

Sorry to miss the action! There was a possibility that I might miss the Games because of jury duty. But I fulfilled my jury duty on Friday, played pickleball on Saturday, and was 'couched' by Sun. I've turned a corner and I'm happy to be caring for my 3yr old great-niece today. Lord willing, I will be back on the courts Saturday/Sunday.

I know by looking at the Player List that the Games must have been FANTASTIC! MI Pickleball has come a long way from it's debut to the MSO games in Summer of 2007 -- when we only had ~15 players. Thank you for being a Community of Players that is everything to love! All Pleasure!

Ready and waiting -- patiently -- to vicariously enjoy the MSO Pickleball Games via your captured memories. Glad to be back to the land of the living! Janet Razz