February 3, 2010

Warming – Up to Pickleball

To: MI Pickleball Players

From: A Michigan PE Instructor

"Warming – Up to Pickleball"

Simple methods to prepare your heart, your body, and your mind to PLAY !


When we were younger and more flexible, we could just jump into the activity.

Then we learned we should do a few stretches, take a few swings, and off we went into the game. However, fitness education teaches us to dynamically prepare the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, plus increase the heart rate prior to our activity. So follow a "dynamic" routine - - this means mimic the activity you are going to do BEFORE you actually start.

First, walk a few laps and increase your pace as you go; move those arms too!

Next, get on the stationary bike if available and ride for 5 minutes; move those arms, too !

Now, find some room in the gym nearby a pickleball court. Watch a player who is serving and "shadow "or mimic their every move: Do the serving motion as they do, step and bend your knees, follow through with your arm and legs. Move your feet and body to get into receiving position. Step and swing as you pretend to return the ball. Now, use quick steps to approach the imaginary net. Turn your body, step and swing. Reach for a high return. Lunge for a low hit. As the "watched player" returns back to serve, you do likewise! So, for 5 minutes of shadowing exercise, your heart, body and mind are truly prepared to PLAY.

Grab some water and hit the court!

Remember: after your activity, gentle stretching and a casual stroll will ease the soreness and help your heart recover, too!