March 1, 2010

Pickleball Tournament Points Update for 2010 by Marilyn Holladay, USAPA Board of Directors/Tournament Points Chair

March 1, 2010
USAPA E-Pickleball News

Submitted by Marilyn Holladay
USAPA Board of Directors/Tournament Points Chair

Tournament Points Update for 2010

The USAPA Board regularly reviews game and tournament rules and procedures in order to keep the game true to its roots while clarifying issues that arise, as we have more and more players competing in tournaments.

January 1, 2010 saw a few changes and many clarifications in the area of points earned for winning tournament events. The list of approved events now includes 19+ as an age group in response to the growing number of younger players. The 4.5+ rated event was dropped in favor of separate 4.5 and 5.0 events to reflect the fact that there is a growing number of 5.0 players. This change enables the 4.5s and 5.0s to each have a competetive event more focused on their skill level. Masters and Legends have been dropped as events which earn points.

"Ranking Points" was changed to "Tournament Points" to try to avoid the confusion among the terms 'points', 'rankings' and 'ratings'. Receiving large numbers of points does not automatically give you a high rating -- ratings reflect the level of player the winner defeated to gain those points.

First, second and third place points will only be awarded if there are 4 or more people who compete in the event. If there are only 3 competitors, medals may be given to all, but only first and second place winners will get points. If there are only 2 competitors, points go only to the first place winner.

Tournament Directors are encouraged to offer additional events not on the approved list in the interest of matching the profile of participants. For example, mixed generation doubles is becoming very popular. Medals/trophies may be awarded, but Tournament Points will not be assigned.

See Tournament Points for more detail on all tournament points rules.

To find out your point totals see Points Inquiry . This will give you the 2010 totals. To see 2009, change the year near the top right of the screen.

To see where you finished compared to others in the various events for the year 2009 go to Rankings History .

Potential changes under consideration for 2011 that have been identified so far include the following:

- splitting Doubles points from Mixed Doubles points

- awarding points in the player's own age group if age brackets were combined due to insufficient numbers

If you have opinions on these or other Tournament Points rules or comments, go to USAPA Contacts and select Marilyn Holladay for your email. Please be specific in your comments.

Again, our goal is to make pickleball accessible, fun, and fair to players of all ages. We will publish proposed changes for 2011 on the USAPA website by July 1, 2010 for your comments and input.

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