April 15, 2010

Fishing for nets on Pine Island, Florida -- Pickleball nets that is...

USAPA Ambassadors are sharing in an ongoing conversation about taping pickleball lines. Michigan's St. Ignace Ambassador Cheryl Schlehuber caught our attention with her enthusiasm and determination in this delightful aside -- Fishing for Nets!

Fishing for Nets..."just for the FUN of it!"
By USAPA Ambassador Cheryl Schlehuber, St. Ignace, MI

This isn't about indoor taping but it may be of interest for taping on painted surfaces.
As a new ambassador for Northern Michigan, I decided to try to play Pickleball on Pine Island, Florida while on vacation for a month. No courts within any reasonable distance of us so we taped off the driveway of the rental home, borrowed some fishing nets from the local commercial fishing shop and fishing pole standards from the garage. I had packed 4 paddles and balls in my tennis bag so had part of the equipment. Let the games begin!
Part of the court went into the street so we had to stop play every time a car went by but we were determined. So many people came over to see "what the heck we were doing", but they knew by the time we left.

Later in the week, after a tennis rain out I got the attention of some morning tennis players and convinced them that Pickleball is something they should try. They agreed to play, (right there in the morning misty rain).at the island center and after 2 solid hours, I have an avid group of new players looking for places to play Pickleball near or in their hometowns.

When we checked out of our rental home at month end, we pulled up the blue tape as well as part of the painted driveway. After repainting the driveway, and getting some good laughs from the neighbors, we left the island but not without peaking the interest of many future players.

Duties accomplished, at least for Pine Island. Now, it's Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Bring it on!

It was a real "hoot". If you could have seen the look on the commercial fisherman at the dock when my girlfriend and I showed up begging for nets for Pickleball, (which of course no one knew what we were talking about).
Cheers from the North!