April 13, 2010

Pickleball-4-All! A Case Study by Dick Manasseri

Boulan Park Middle School in Troy, Michigan is an interesting case study.

Retired PE teacher and USAPA Member, Nancy Thoenes, volunteered to assist fellow PE teacher, Liz Jones, with her students to teach them Pickleball.

Nancy and I helped Liz introduce Pickeball to three of her PE classes using the portable nets that I had acquired from a USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) Training Fund. We returned a week later to see how the students had progressed and we explained to Liz the USAPA Training Fund program and the associated vendor paddle program. Liz continued on to teach a 3 week program which she then repeated the next semester with three more classes, this time utilizing the equipment acquired by the school via the USAPA Training Fund reimbursement.

The buzz about Pickleball fun pervaded the school, and Liz and the principal invited the parents of the students to attend a Special Parents' Pickleball Night. The goal was for the children to show their parents what they had learned and to teach their parents how to play the game.

Nancy and I attended Parents' Night along with 30 parents, the principal and assistant principal, and a reporter from the county newspaper. Nancy and I discussed the upcoming opportunities for families to play in mixed generation events in two summer tournaments, and then the fun really began.

The kids were so excited to show their parents this fun new game. Nancy and I added a little coaching, and Liz monitored Speed Pickleball where each family team played a new family every 10 minutes. The evening ended with cookies and smiles, and families that played on and didn't want to stop. Pickleball for families - sound familiar!

-Dick Manasseri
USAPA Director Ambassador Program

  • Family Pickleball Night @ Boulan Park Middle School Photos: CLICK HERE