June 28, 2010

Auburn Hills Community Center Tennis Courts Lined for Pickleball

Summer Pickleball is in full swing
By USAPA Member David McClelland

Summer Pickleball is in full swing and nowhere is it more active than at the Auburn Hill Community Center (AHCC). Pickleball has recently moved from the indoor gymnasium's three courts to the three outdoor tennis courts.Just b efore the recent tournament (which was held the AHCC on June 12th & 13th and was very successful), permanent Pickleball court lines were painted on the three tennis courts. That is a big step forward for Pickleball and a good thing for Michell Pozen, the Senior Services Fitness Coordinator, who had to put taped lines down on those three courts all of last year. Come out and join in the fun on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 9:30 each week and check out the new PB lines.

Auburn Hills Community Center Open Play Pickleball
Pickleball held outdoors in the summer and is a simple paddle game, playing a special perforated slow-moving ball over a tennis type net on a badminton sized court. Like ping pong & tennis! If you love racquet sports, you’ll love Pickle ball! Get your workout in while having a great time with a great group of people. NO PICKLBALL JULY 5

Day/Date: Monday/Wednesday June 2-August 30
Open Play Pickleball
9:30p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Cost: #352034
2 Days Resident $30.00 Non-Resident $35.00
Drop-in Fee $2.00 Resident, $3.00 Non-Resident

Auburn Hills Community Center Beginner PickleballNever played Pickleball and you want to get in on the craze? This time is for you if you are a newer player or someone who wants to practice building your skills. Get the rules and basic instruction, play with others of your level. New, beginner & non-competitive level players only please. Instruction will be outdoors – so dress accordingly & bring water.

Day/Date: Friday, June 18-August 2
Time: 9:00-10:00 a.m.
Cost: Resident $10.00, Non-Resident $15.00 #352035
Drop-In Fee $2.00 Resident, $3.00 Non-Resident