June 12, 2010

Auburn Hills Pickleball Tourney Fun for All

The Oakland Press
By Special writer David McClelland

The pickleball tournament will be today and Sunday at the Auburn Hills Community Center.

Pickleball is offered three days a week at the center. Seniors play pickleball on the gym floor in the winter months and on the outdoor tennis courts in the summer.

The game is played on a badminton size court, so colored tape is used to define the boundaries of the pickleball courts. Instruction is offered for beginners.

There are clinics for players at all levels, with regular games and a competition. You need not be a resident of Auburn Hills to participate in the senior activities.

The sport programs have a drop-in charge of $2 per day for residents and $3 per day for nonresidents. To learn about pickleball, visit www.usapa.org for rules and videos of the game.