June 20, 2010

The Dawning of Michigan Pickleball Player Ratings

  • TO: Michigan Pickleball Tournament Players
  • FROM: Working Group Members - Jim Hackenberg, Yvonne Hackenberg, Dick Manasseri, Melissa Muha, Bob Northrop, and Pat Sullivan
  • SUBJECT: Pickleball Player Ratings
"Age based" vs."Rated Player" play: More and more tournaments are being held using a format that creates matches based on player ratings rather than player age. Ratings range from 1.0 to 5.0.

After the most recent Kalamazoo Doubles Tournament we created a working group  ("Working Group") consisting of Melissa Muha, Bob Northrop, Yvonne Hackenberg, Jim Hackenberg, Dick Manasseri and Pat Sullivan to assess player ratings based on play at the Kalamazoo Doubles Tournament.

Fortunately, there were a number of nationally rated players taking part in the Tournament and the USAPA has fairly detailed criteria on the different rating levels. The tasks of the Working Group centered on how to best rate non-rated players by assessing them in relation to existing player ratings and how to consistently apply the ratings criteria.

Everyone who played competitively at the most recent Kalamazoo Doubles Tournament (05-2010) has been rated and their rating may be viewed at http://usapa.org/ratings/  You may also wish to read more information at this page http://usapa.org/ratings/ratings_doc.html  And even more infor mation (including a view of all players ratings from the last Kalamazoo Tournament) may be viewed at http://where2pickle.org/playerRating.php

Establishing a player rating is typically the result of your play being evaluated by the Tournament Director or by a group of people that advise the Tournament Director. In creating our Working Group we were fortunate to have group members that have national experience & perspective. For example, we did our best to make sure a 3.5 player in Michigan would be competitive with a 3.5 player in Arizona.

If you disagree with your rating please contact any member of our Working Group. There also is an appeal process. Your rating represents your "typical" play and does not change precipitously with any one great or problematic outing. If, for instance, you were rated a 3.0 and feel you should have been rated higher you may appeal. Or a more pragmatic approach may be to either play in the 3.0 bracket or play up in a higher bracket that you feel is more appropriate. If you are the dominant player in the 3.0 bracket or highly competitive in the higher bracket the ongoing review process may naturally result in a change of rating.

Special thanks to everyone hitting that little ball!

Melissa Muha, Bob Northrop, Yvonne Hackenberg, Jim Hackenberg, Dick Manasseri & Pat Sullivan