June 17, 2010

Online Pickleball Skills Improvement Clinic

"There is no substitute for a hands-on clinic with the outstanding teachers that we have in our midst, e.g. Lewis Forrest, the Hackenbergs, the Wittkowskis, Nancy Thoenes, Pat Sullivan, Renard Kolasa, etc. Still it is good to see that CMN-TV has produced a second 30-minute Pickleball program that is being broadcast on its stations and is also available on line at http://www.livelonglivewell.org/gpage19.html This skills improvement video was produced by health consultant Mark Maxwell and features Nancy Thoenes, Lewis Forrest and Lynn and Vic Wittkowski. Mark tells me that he has already had 35,000 hits to the pages with the Pickleball videos just in the last several weeks. Check it out and incorporate the drills and strategies into your game." Dick Manasseri, USAPA