June 2, 2010

Pickleball: Get in the Game by Mark Maxwell

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Live Long Live Well Episode 12

"Pickleball: Get in the Game"

"Pickleball, a game invented in the 1960's, is enjoying a resurgence in the United States and it is rapidly growing around the world. Why? It's a great game that first of all is fun and can be played by people of all ages and skill levels. Host Mark Maxwell welcomes United States Pickleball Association Ambassador (USAPA) Dick Manasseri and Pickleball Experts Lewis Forrest, Nancy Thoenes, and Vic and Lynn Wittkowski to learn more about the game. Basic rules, warm-up drills, serves, shots, and strategy are featured. In pickleball, the ball may be slow, but the game is fast. Whether you are a beginner, recreational or competitive tournament player, our experts have some great playing tips for you. Come out and give pickleball a try, get in the game!" Live Long Live Well Episode 12

"This program was produced by Mark Maxwell at the Auburn Hills Community Center, MI. It features USAPA Members Lewis Forrest, Nancy Thoenes, Lynn Wittkowski and Vic Wittkowski. These medal winning players provide their insights on improving your skill level just in time for International Pickleball Week June 1-7 and the summer tournament season." Dick Manasseri, USA Pickleball Association

The program is also being broadcast locally on CMNTV in Troy, MI.
Wowway Channel 18 :: Comcast Channel 52
Tuesday 8:30pm :: Thursday 11:00am :: Saturday 6:30pm