June 15, 2010

To Be (Rated) or Not To Be

"To Be (Rated) or Not To Be" by Dick Manasseri

You can find all of the details regarding ratings at http://usapa.org/ratings/ratings_doc.html#whatisrating including the Rating Guidelines, Descriptions, Appeals Process, etc.

Ratings help me establish my skill level relative to a national set of criteria and relative to other players. This is a good thing for several reasons:
  • It's my choice (to be rated or not to be).
  • Ratings are open to Beginners, Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced players alike and there are rated activities for all of these skill levels.
  • I can compete in rated events at my own skill level regardless of age. For many players, this means that I get to play more games than I might if I competed strictly by age group. (Players with a higher rating will not be playing in my group. I can play up into a higher rating group if I choose.)
  • I get a better shot at a sound seeding in age group tournament play because the tournament director has access to player ratings
  • I know where I stand and I know what additional skills I need to work on to move the next level, if I so desire.
  • I can evaluate skill clinics that are focused on the specific skills I am seeking to improve.
  • Where Drop-in play is organized by skill rating, I know that I will find players of a similar skill level. There will typically be open Drop-in play as well where I can play with my friends of different skill levels. 
How do I get a rating?
Typically, ratings are acquired by entering a rated event such as the Sunday August 29th events that are part of the Rochester Pickleball Club Tournament and Festival

Some players have already been given initial ratings based on previous tournament results and recommendations by tournament directors. The Kalamazoo Doubles Tournament was an ideal opportunity to establish initial ratings for players because there were several in-state and out-of-state players with USAPA ratings that could serve as benchmarks. In addition, the Tournament Directors, USAPA Ambassadors Bob Northrop and Melissa Muha, and Ambassadors-at-Large Jim and Yvonne Hackenberg volunteered to analyze the results of the tournament to establish initial ratings for the 100+ participants. Ambassador Pat Sullivan has joined the ongoing Michigan Ratings Group that will be led by Jim and Yvonne and expanded as needed.

You may find out if you have already been assigned a rating by going to the Ratings section of the USAPA website. If you have a question about your initial rating, please contact Jim and Yvonne Hackenberg yhacken@aol.com

If you don't have a USAPA rating, then you may rate yourself when you enter a rated event for the first time. Your initial self rating must be approved by the tournament director. Depending upon your tournament results, your self-rating could be changed if it appears to be obviously wrong.

We play Pickleball for the Fun of It. Let's enjoy the fitness, friends, and fun of It whether we choose to be rated or not.