July 6, 2010

Pickleball at Trout Creek Condominium Resort in Harbor Springs!

Vacationing at Trout Creek Condominums -- pack your pickleball paddles to extend your summer FUN!

Penny Kragh, Jenny Martin, Nancy Robertson and Nancy Thoenes traveled to Harbor Springs and helped set up a pickleball court at the Trout Creek complex.

Trout Creek has two different sets of tennis courts, one set with four courts and one set with two courts. The set with four courts is still dedicated to tennis. The set with two courts now has one court with painted pickleball lines! Trout Creek also has two sets of wooden paddles and balls available for guests to checkout at no charge.
"It's a great place to go and very popular for family reunions and summer vacations." Nancy Robertson

Trout Creek Condominium Resort
4749 Pleasantview
Harbor Springs, MI 49740