July 15, 2010

Pickleball you have to see to believe!

Michigan Senior Olympics Pickleball games kicked off with Mixed Doubles 60-64 and 50-59. Pickleball you have to see to believe!
  • Mixed Doubles 50-54
GOLD Wayne Hoskins - Pat Secen
SILVER Clare Bushman - Alex Shirshun

  • Mixed Doubles 50-59
1st Pat McPhail-Nancy Robertson 11-15 15-9 (Final-Final)
2nd Wayne Hoskins - Pat Secen
3rd DaiLin Shu- Gary Zepke

  • Mixed Doubles 55-59
GOLD Pat McPhail - Nancy Robertson
SILVER DaiLin Shu - Gary Zepke
BRONZE Dan Kerr - Hilda Weber

  • Mixed Doubles 60-64
GOLD James Hackenberg-Yvonne Hackenberg 15-11
SILVER Sandford Simons-Mary Stratton
BRONZE Grace Namm-Michael Namm

View/download more MSO Winners' Podium photos here: http://usapa.org/gallery/MSO_2010_Summer_Pickleball

Thanks to Marilyn Holladay, 'as they happen' results are being published on the USAPA tournament page here: http://usapa.org/tourney/bracket_list.php?tname=mso10sg