July 17, 2010

USAPA Tournament Points by Marilyn Holladay

USAPA Tournament Points
By Marilyn Holladay, USAPA Director, Tournaments Point System Chair

 How can players win a Gold Medal in a tournament but get Second Place Tournament Points?

This sounds like an error was made somewhere, by someone, but that is not the case. In some tournaments players receive medals based on their age group (50-54, for example) even if that group is combined with another age group for play. This is a decision made by the organizing group or Tournament Director. For USAPA Tournament Points, however, awards are based on the results of the combined bracket.

For example, there might be two players in 50-54 and six in 55-59. They could be combined into a bracket of eight players. Tournament Points would be awarded to the first, second and third place winners. At the same time, the Tournament Director would look at the results to see which of the two 50-54 yr old players did better and that player would get Gold and the other Silver. Then the six 55-59 yr old players' results would be looked at and compared and Gold, Silver and Bronze medals would be awarded.

The above means there were 2 Gold Medals, 2 Silver Medals, and 1 Bronze Medal but the points awarded were one each of First, Second and Third. If you would like to see an example of this, go to the results of the July Michigan Senior Olympics. Look at the MX 50-54, MX 50-54, 55-59, and MX 60-64. In this table, MSO in front of a player/team name indicates that a medal was awarded but Tournament Points were awarded differently. The MX 50-54, 55-59 line, which is the combined bracket, indicates who received first, second and third place points in the USAPA system.

By USAPA Tournament Point rules, there must be at least one more competitor than the number of places awarded. Hence, if there are 3 players in a bracket, only the first and second will get Tournament Points. The Tournament Director may still award medals to all three.

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NOTE: The USAPA has recognized the significance of the MSO 2010 Summer Games by granting MSO a Tier 3 sanctioning. Tournament Points will be awarded to qualifying USAPA Members as follows:
  • 1st Place - 600 Points
  • 2nd Place - 300 Points
  • 3rd Place - 150 Points