August 7, 2010

Advance Planning Notice Whittier Park 2011 Summer Pickleball League

2011 Summer Team Pickleball League at Whittier Park
USAPA Ambassador Pat Sullivan, Manager

Important information for those who would like to play in a FUN, FAIR and COMPETITIVE Team Pickleball League next summer for three months. Playoffs follow end of season. All games will be played at Whittier Park in Royal Oak on all eight courts.

This Team Pickleball League will be for all skill levels (except novice) and will be played one night a week for 12 weeks beginning late May. There may be rain out make-ups. Everyone in the league will be playing at the same time. There will be 4 teams comprised of 8 players each, 4 men and 4 women. Our goal is for each team to have one man and one woman in each of the following skill levels: 4.5 and above or Open, 4.0 or "A", 3.5/3.0 or "B", and 2.5/2.0 or "C". All teams will have players of one skill level play individuals from the other teams who have exactly the same level and gender. Everyone will be playing three games each evening: one men's doubles or one women's doubles, and two mixed doubles. Games will be to 15 (win by 2). The 12-week season will enable the four teams to play each other four times. Play-offs follow the end of season and lastly, a night for a picnic, awards, and some fun PB.

Each team will have a captain who will select players at a draft meeting from a list of players who have registered from the tri-county area. Players interested in participating will fill out registration applications sometime between January and March 30. If interested, you are encouraged to get a rating if you don't have one, so that we can make the draft as fair and competitive as possible. The draft will take place in April and you will be notified of the teams and their members. The players not selected for the 32 slots will be placed on a sub list which needs to be fairly extensive because of the length of season (unless you tell us otherwise). If response is good, we may have enough players to form a second team league on another night. The sub list will be compiled of players' names, gender, and skill level. Players who are unable to play must be replaced by someone on the sub list who has the same rating or lower and the same gender. The league and team rosters will remain for one season only, with another draft the following year.

If anyone is interested in being a captain, please call or e-mail Pat Sullivan at (248) 549-1227 or by August 25, 2010. An informational meeting will be held this fall for the captains that are selected. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me as well. Phone number listed is available until end of September.

I will continue to update you with more information as we go along so we will be already for the draft in the spring. Thanks and hope to see you on the courts next summer for our first Team PB league.

Pat Sullivan