August 24, 2010

Best Wishes and Highest Personal Regards

Dick Manasseri announced he was stepping down from his roles as USAPA Director, National Relations and acting Great Lakes Regional Ambassador. Best wishes and highest personal regards are reverberating throughout the pickleball community.

Michigan pickleball players are ever and always acknowledging our debt to snowbirds for bringing Pickleball to the Great Lakes. Dick Manasseri’s leadership empowered Great Lakes Pickleball to pay that debt forward.

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Dear Dick,

Thank you ten thousand times over for being a visionary and putting together an 'Action Network' to implement 'The Plan' in the Great Lakes Region and 'Mini-Plans' across the USA. You have successfully engaged 128 How-to Group Ambassadors in meaningful discussions about Pickleball best practices -- a lasting addition to the landscape of Players, USAPA Membership, and Places to Play.

It is a privilege and a blessing to experience your leadership. I have deepest respect for the extraordinary goodness you extend to each player, promoter, and programmer. Most picklers will never know the exorbitant amount of time and energy you devoted to growing the quality and quantity of pickleball offerings, but I know. You have built a lasting legacy, promoting social and physical well being, with recreational and competitive pickleball events for all ages and all skill levels.

Michigan, the Great Lakes Region and beyond are going to enjoy the fruit of your labor, long into a future that is healthier and happier because of your keen intellect, brilliant spirit, and generous leadership.

With deepest respect, Janet Razz

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August 24, 2010
Current USAPA Members: 2360

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