August 24, 2010

Calling ALL SE Michigan Pickleball Referrees

The Rochester Pickleball Club Tournament and Festival (NOW BEING HELD IN ROYAL OAK) is in need of referrees.

We will have 6-8 courts going most of the time on Wednesday, August 25, reporting at 4:30 for a 5 pm start, same time on Thursday and Friday evenings. Saturday referreed matches will be in the morning with an 8:30 am report time. Sunday the report time is 2 pm.

Below is the list I have as of the moment. If you can help out, please let me know ASAP.
REFS WED 4:30 Womens Doubles: Jerry Remick, Becky Reaume, Dale Bessell, Dan Kerr, Ray Benetez, Pam Mackowski (we are set unless someone cancels)

REFS THURS 4:30 Mens Doubles: Jerry Remick, Becky Reaume, Ray Benetez, Tom Decker, Michelle Pozan, Nancy Kraus, Renard Kolasa (only need one more as long as no one cancels)

REFS FRI 4:30 Mixed Doubles: Tom Decker, Pam Mackowski, (we need lots of help here, all 8 courts will be full )

REFS SAT MORN 8:30 Singles: Gordon Dobler, Renard Kolasa (we need lots of help here, we will have 7 courts going. Renard will be playing the first half of the morning)

REFS SUN AFTERNOON 1:30: Nancy Kraus (we need lots of help here, we will have 7 courts going during mens/womens skill level doubles and then 5 courts following that during skill level mixed doubles)

To find the Whittier Park Pickleball Compex, put 720 E. Farnum, Royal Oak, MI 48068 into or your GPS.

There will be hot dog/chips/drinks available for $3 donation served by the Royal Oak folks to help finish paying for the cost of redoing this great courts.

There is a port-a-potty but no running/drinking water.

Thanks for considering doing this to help the sport of Pickleball grow and flourish.

Marilyn Holladay

Rochester Pickleball Club Tournament and Festical Player List