August 29, 2010

Rochester Pickleball Club 2010 Tournament & Festival Photos & Results

Rochester Pickleball Club 2010 Tournament & Festival! A collaborative celebration of Pure Michigan Pickleball! The Fest was sponsored by Rochester Community Schools Enrichment Programs, presented by USA Pickleball Association Volunteers, and hosted on Royal Oak’s new outdoor dedicated pickleball courts at the Whittier Park Pickleball Complex.

Recreational Speed Pickleball Players kicked off the five day Festival. The competitive, USAPA Sanctioned Tier 4, events included age and skill level divisions for Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles. Mixed Generation Pickleball was played in two divisions, competitive and recreational.

Highest accolades to Tournament Director Marilyn Holladay and the 117 Festival Picklers (75% USAPA Members!) who derived the wellness benefits of playing Pure Michigan Pickleball!