August 27, 2010

RPC Player Announcement: Mixed Generation 8-28-2010

Rochester Pickleball Club Tournament & Festival
Mixed Generation Competitive and Mixed Generation Recreational
Saturday, August 28, 2010


LOCATION (REMEMBER IT WAS CHANGED): Royal Oak has come to our rescue and letting us have this tournament on the recently opening Pickleball courts there. They are not tennis courts with additional tape applied for lines !!!! An outdoor first for many of us.

Whittier Park in Royal Oak. If you want to MapQuest or GPS it try using the address 720 E. Farnum, Royal Oak, MI 48068.

ARRIVAL: Please arrive by 2:30 to check in and sign a new waiver for Royal Oak (the other one was for a tournament being held in Rochester.) Many of you have already done this on previous days.

BRING: Bring water and a snack if you need them.

The Royal Oak Pickleball group will be serving hot dog/chips/drink for a donation of $3 (or more accepted) to raise money for these beautiful courts.

There will be a port-a-potty available.

Recreational Division: The 3 teams in the Recreational Division will play Round Robin with 2/3 games to 11 win by 2. You get one point for each game you win and a bonus point if you win 2/2 and the third game is not necessary.

Competitive Division: The Competitive division is 13 teams. We will have Round Robin play with one pool of 4 teams and three pools of 3 teams. Each match will be one game to 15 win by 2. At the end of pool play, all teams will be seeded into a single elimination bracket. Games will be one game to 15 win by 2.

We have not had to deal with ties yet, but if there is a tie in pool play, the following will decide placement:

-- head-to-head winner in case of tie
-- point differential in case there is still a tie
-- if still two teams tied they will play one game to 11 win by ONE
-- if somehow there are 4 teams tied at the end of Round Robin play there will be a 4 team single elimination bracket drawn up by the Tournament Director to decide placement.

This could be clear as mud to most of you ... but I understand it and will be happy to explain it face-to-face as needed.

We are in need of referees. If you know of someone who has done tournament reffing before or has been trained, please let me know.

See you Saturday.

Marilyn Holladay
Tournament Director
Rochester Pickleball Club Tournament & Festival