August 24, 2010

RPC Player Announcement: Recreational Speed Pickleball 8-25-2010

The Rochester Pickleball Club Tournament and Festival begins this Wednesday with your event!

LOCATION (REMEMBER IT WAS CHANGED): Whittier Park in Royal Oak. If you want to MapQuest or GPS it try using the address 720 E. Farnum, Royal Oak, MI 48068.

ARRIVAL: Please arrive by 8:30am to check in and sign a new waiver for Royal Oak (the other one was for a tournament being held in Rochester.)

BRING: Bring water and a snack if you need them. There will be a port-a-potty available.

FORMAT: You will be playing a series of doubles games with different partners.

HOW IT WORKS: If we have the 17 people we are expecting, we will use the numbers on the player list 1-17 and add or subtract from there as needed.
  • 16 people will be put on 4 courts with one person sitting out.
  • At the sound of the whistle play begins (you should have warmed up BEFORE 9:00)
  • After 9 minutes the whistle will blow again. Play stops and the scores are recorded on an index card provided. Write your name and YOUR score.
  • Winners stay on the same court but split up to opposite sides of the net.
  • Losers go to the next higher court number and split up to opposite sides of the net.
  • The losers at the highest numbered court (probably 4) will either sit out or move to court 1 and split up to play the winners left there. To sit out or to move to court 1 will be determined by whether or not we have one or two people who sat our the previous game.
  • Once we have 4 people on each court again, the whistle will blow. The game will go for 9 minutes. The whistle will blow and we will follow the same process again.
  • Who serves first??? Arbitrarily I am deciding that the team by the back cyclone fence will serve first, NOT the team by the snow fence.
We will go over this Wednesday morning before you begin, so don't worry if it sounds confusing.

  • After 2 hours we will quit. I will then total the scores for each person and calculate the average # of points they scored in all of the games they played. I will then give out medals!!
  • It is up to players to avoid being a partner with the same person twice. But it might be unavoidable. No big deal.

Marilyn Holladay
Tournament Director
Rochester Pickleball Tournament and Festival