September 13, 2010

Macomb Township Recreation Center Pickleball Update
From USAPA Ambassador Stanley Helzer

With new resurfaced gym floors and 4 new courts with new painted lines for Pickleball:

We held our first senior beginner class at 9:00 am in the Macomb Township Recreation Center since the initial start up last year. We started with 5 instructors and 11 beginners. After issuing name tags and a brief introduction we got right to work. At the start we only had 2 nets so to get everyone playing we just lined everyone across the 2 courts and used the USAPA check list as a guide. After about 20 minutes with the quick help of the Macomb Township Recreation Center employees, we got a 3rd net setup and spread our new players out a little more. At 10:00 am our regular players came in, making a total of 33 people playing Pickleball. We then mixed the new players in with the regular players, which made the day enjoyable for all the Pickleball players in attendance. Thanks to the great work of our instructors, our regular players willingness to help and the eager beginners the day was a great success.