September 16, 2010

NEW Shelby Township Pickleball Court Officially Opens!!!


Mae Stecker Park, Shelby Township
One Public Court - Painted Pickleball Lines
"The NEW Shelby Township pickleball court will officially open this Sunday, September 19, at 1:00pm! I will be there till 3:00 with paddles and balls for use. Shelby TV will be there. Shelby Parks and Rec. have been very cooperative." Jim Willis
"Jim agreed to take the lead with our Rec. Board and follow the project to completion if possible. Once given the connections to the Rec. Staff, Jim was off and running. Many thanks Jim! With Jim's stick to it, personality we've now made the first step towards a Shelby Pickleball success story. Our Rec Center wants to see the success of the one court before funding another or additional work. Admittedly there's many details to workout and we will be attacking them also. It's my hope that with the location it generates lots of family and tennis player interest. We're having and introduction on Sunday September 19 at 1:00pm, I would appreciate some of our loyals dropping by for a few games and maybe a Local paper photo shoot." Monzie Edmonds

CONTACT: Jim Willis at

NEEDED: Players to show up to help promote and work toward getting a second court.

LOCATION: Mae Stecker Park on the South side of 24Mile Rd, East of VanDyke (between VanDyke and the M53 freeway). Bathrooms on site.