September 2, 2010

A Note of Thanks From Marilyn Holladay

A Note of Thanks From Marilyn Holladay

Thank you.

The 2010 Rochester Pickleball Club Tournament and Festival is over. It came to a rather abrupt and wet end. We had beautiful, though sometimes really hot, weather until 6:00 p,m. on Sunday when the skies open and inundated us. While we were not able to complete the Mixed Doubles 3.5 and 4.0 competitions, you can find all other results at:

For those who were not among the wet huddled masses under the trees at the end, I did receive the sunflowers and card from all of you. I was very touched and totally surprised. Thank you very much, I have already decided to treat myself to “Christmas Carol the Classic Musical” at Meadow Brook Theater in December, preceded by a tour of Meadow Brook Hall decked out for Christmas and dinner at a nearby restaurant.

I big thank you goes out to those from Royal Oak who helped develop those great courts, those who were there with the food and drinks and especially Pat Sullivan for all of her help and cooperation.

I tried to make my list of referees -- difficult because some did not sign the scoresheets and much of my paperwork got drenched Sunday night. But ... my elderly brain came up with 32 names. Pickleball is growing the way it is because of the efforts put forth by so many to make tournaments like this possible. Standing in the sun doing refereeing for free has to be one of the biggest examples of this dedication.

I have said it to many people many times but feel I need to say it again -- Pickleball players are great. The camaraderie displayed in the face of intense competition shows what great sportsmen and women you are.

I hope to see all of you next year. The date has not been set as there are many additions and changes to the schedule next year.

  • Michigan Senior Olympics Winter Pickleball will be the end of January in Rochester
  • Michigan Senior Olympics Summer Pickleball will be May 15-22 in Oakland County.
  • Meijer State Games will be June 24-26 in Grand Rapids
  • Royal Oak will likely do a rated tournament at the Whittier Park courts at the end of the summer.
  • Troy, Kalamazoo and Auburn Hills also do tournaments in the spring.

So ... we are looking at doing the Rochester Pickleball Club Tournament & Festival in April on a Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. More details to follow. At least we would not have to worry about rain or heat!

I will send an email to all of the 2010 participants when we set the date and have more details.

Once again, thank you for participating and making it so much fun. And thank you for the positive feedback I keep receiving in person and by email.

See you on the courts.

Marilyn Holladay
Tournament Director
Rochester Pickleball Club 2010 Tournament & Festival