September 20, 2010

One Shelby Pickleball Court Launched Mae Stecker Park

USAPA Ambassador Monzie Edmonds wrote:

"Let the record show that Shelby Pickleball Court launch was indeed a major success. Visitors from Chesterfield, Clinton Twp, Macomb, Rochester, Sterling Heights and Waterford joined Shelby residents and family members in attendance. Play time started at 1:00 and continued to after 4:00. The level of play was OUTSTANDING, including few first time players. As with most new things several suggestion for improvement were listed. Presenting them to the Shelby Rec. Center will be the next step. Safety is paramount."

Shelby TV recorded over 45 minutes of interviews and game play. The telecast will run on Shelby TV starting Friday September 24th until October 1, 2010. Afterward it will run on the Shelby Twp website for an undetermined length of time.

Jim Willis and Monzie Edmonds will be available to continue the promotion of play until nets are removed for the winter. Court is open to the public, residency not required, bring your own paddles and balls. Both are also available for loan from the Shelby Rec. Center.

ORGANIZED PLAY: Wednesdays at 1:00 pm. Open to ALL.

CONTACT: Jim Willis at  or Monzie Edmonds at

LOCATION: Mae Stecker Park on the South side of 24Mile Rd, East of VanDyke (between VanDyke and the M53 freeway). Bathrooms on site.