November 23, 2010

Bloomfield Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule by Jim Luzod

Hi Everyone....

Wow! Thanksgiving has arrived and the busyness seems to be upon all of us. However, Pickleball players always fnd time, don't we.

Our playing center will be open Tuesday, 11-1, closed Wednesday (school is not open), and Thursday (Thanksgiving Day). We will be back to business as usual the next week.

The starting time on Thursday evenings has been changed to 7:30 PM to avoid conflicts with the school's sport practice schedules. The ending time has also been changed to 9:30 PM.

Thursday evening is devoted to players of all levels with playing experience. By specifying courts used for novice/intermediate play and courts for advanced skill play we have attempted to improve the playing experience for all players.

Orientation for new players on Thursday evenings is possible if we have a court available. New players will require an introduction to the game and skills before joining play. The opportunity for new players to learn and play is always available during our Tuesday and Wednesday daytime sessions.

Our players may now purchase a punch card with 10 plays ($25), 15 plays ($35), and 20 plays ($40). The card can be transferred or used to pay for the play of another person. They are not replaceable if lost or stolen.

Lastly, a word from our sponsor: " The Bloomfield School District, it's agents, and employees are not responsible for any damages or losses including bodily injury, which may result from participation in this program."

Enjoy the holiday weekend being thankful we are still active and able the enjoy the competition and connection with other active folks. Thanks for playing at our Bloomfield location.

Jim Luzod