August 1, 2011

New OPC Pickleball Nets and Support Posts

Pickleball Fund Raiser – New Nets and Support PostsOlder Persons Commission (OPC) of Rochester, Michigan
By Ken Peacock

Older Persons Commission (OPC) of Rochester, Michigan has a large and very active group of Pickleball players and hosts the Summer and Winter Michigan Senior Olympics at this facility.

Last year (2010) our volunteer group (headed by Larry Sagowitz) at OPC instructed 190 new people how to play Pickleball.

In February, 2011 Larry Sagowitz decided it was time to replace our existing nets and portable free standing support posts. Reasons being:

1) Old system scratched the gym floor
2) Old system could not maintain the proper height level during match play
3) Old system was not as safe to our players
4) We also wanted to make the new system senior friendly

We approached the OPC and were informed that they lacked extra funding to help us. If we wished to pursue this idea for new equipment, we could raise the money ourselves with Board approval.

After receiving bids from three different contractors we set our goal at $5,500.00. In order to reach this goal we formed a fundraising committee consisting of: Larry Sagowitz, Andrea Sagowitz, Lynne Dadas, Ron Yurgo and Ken Peacock to brainstorm ideas on how we could go about raising the monies needed.

Here are a few ways we accomplished this goal:

1) Raffled off items monthly including pickleball paddles
2) Individual donations from OPC pickleball players
3) Tom Valentine of Pickleball Goodies donated a portion of the proceeds from every pickleball paddle he sold at OPC during the course of 3 months.
4) We held a luncheon with Rad Jones, former Secret Service Agent. He gave an in depth overview of his career. The proceeds from his presentation were put towards our fundraiser.
5) We held a 3 hour pickleball fundraiser, which 34 people participated in. Each individual had to pay $15.00 to play and also had to raise a total of $100.00 from friends and family.

Our goal was achieved in three months and our new nets and posts were installed before the Summer Michigan Senior Olympics.