September 1, 2016

Pickleball Pioneer Award Winner | Marilyn Holladay

Marilyn Holladay was presented the Pickleball Pioneer Award by CJ Jermstad, USAPA Great Lakes Regional Director, on 8/27/2016, during the Royal Oak Pickleball Tournament. Marilyn has been an ongoing presence in the pickleball community since starting to play in 2008. Marilyn has been involved with the USAPA board, including Director of the USAPA Ranking Committee in 2009. At that same time, she responded to a want ad to contribute to and publish the Michigan pickleball email news. Marilyn organized and ran her first tournament in late 2009 with whiteboards and markers. Sandy Simons said “If wasn't for Marilyn, many tournaments in the country would not have been started as she provided her input before and during the tournaments. Small tournaments and large tournaments, especially in the Great Lakes Region, are forever indebted. Many of us would never have played tournaments and therefore not have expanded our love and interest in this great sport.” Marilyn now spends countless weekends keeping local and national tournaments running on time using the software from And she shares her expertise training others on using the software. Marilyn truly stands out as a leader in the Pickleball world.